Fishing at Lagoon Antiniotis


The lagoon of Antiniotis is one of the most beautiful and natural landscapes in Corfu and an extremely significant wetland, in the north-eastern end of the island, between the beach of Agios Spyridonas and the beach of Almyros. The lagoon of Antiniotis covers in total approximately 400 acres and is comprised of the Kounoufadi marsh and the main lagoon. It is a place filled with wild flowers and reeds, as well as aquatic plants which are not encountered in any other part of the Ionian Islands. More than 90 species of migratory birds have been recorded by scientists in the lagoon of Antiniotis, including among others herons and cormorants. The rarest species you can find in the region is the otter which lives in great population in the Lagoon.

We organize a unique fishing safari experience boat trip. On each boat we provide you with the necessary fishing equipment.