GDPR Compliance Details

Please find below all necessary / required details by Supervisory Authority regarding the GDPR compliance.

• Data storage location in EU: Frankfurt/Germany

• Data encryption: We provide 2048 Encryption of any personal data located on our endpoints as well as in transit over your local - and wide - area networks and in the cloud. Our website is covered with SSL Certificate and all data transfers are Encrypted. The encryption process is entirely automated, with the data subject as the sole holder of the decryption key.

• Data search inside backups: YES

• Ability to modify personal data: YES

• Data export in a common format: YES.

• Quick data recovery: YES

• Breach notification: Dedicated Personnel with 24X7x365 monitoring.

• Right to access: YES

• Right to be forgotten: YES

• Data portability: Every client has the ability to download his/her personal data in an easily-portable format.

• Data Protection Officers: Not Obliged as we have less than 250 employees.

• Privacy by design: YES